The Pundesal Story

Pun de Manila Born & Bread

Pundesal started baking on June of 2016. Even before, we always wanted to create stickers but we’re never sure of what the content would be. We were at this coffee shop that had a display rack of a particular sticker brand, and when we saw it, we both had a lightbulb moment that we should start making our own stickers because we saw how stickers can effortlessly convey humor.

We first sold a limited number of it to our friends through our personal Facebook accounts. After the good feedback from our friends, we decided to expand it and make a brand, which began the baking of Pundesal.

We chose to sell our designs as stickers because who doesn’t love stickers? They’re light-hearted and nostalgic, they also played a big part on our generation’s childhood.

Stickers are shareable and they reflect our brand’s purpose perfectly which is to connect by sharing our inside jokes or ‘kalokohan’ to other people.

Pundesal started from silly jokes among a group of friends and it has now turned into a community of people who share the same humor.



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